My simple analysis of the 2012 Election Results and why every vote counts

Analyis of 2012 Presidential Election Results and why your vote is so important.

President Obama won the popular vote by around 3.5 million votes out of the over 121 million votes cast. The Electoral College seemed more dominating though: 332 to 206 for President Obama. But more importantly though, how many votes did Romney actually lose by in the very important swing states of Virginia, Florida and Ohio? Romney lost FL by only about 70,000 votes out of the over 8 million votes cast and subsequently lost the 29 Electoral votes there. In VA, he lost by
about 115,000 votes out of the over 3.6 million votes cast and lost 13 Electoral votes there; and in OH, he lost by about 103,000 votes out of the over 5.2 million cast and lost the 18 Electoral votes there. That 288,000 vote difference and subsequent 60 Electoral Votes, if switched, would make it 266 for Romney and 272 for Obama in the Electoral College. Now, let’s pick one more small state that was close that could have decided the election. Two states that would have worked was Iowa with 6 Electoral Votes or New Hampshire with 4 Electoral Votes. We’ll choose New Hampshire. NH cast around 700,000 votes and Romney only lost it by around 40,000 votes; if that state swung, we would have Romney at 270 Electoral Votes and Obama at 268. Romney then, would’ve been our next President. Now, let’s summarize the data: LITERALLY, out of 121 MILLION votes cast throughout the great United States, the election could have come down to only 4 states, but more specifically, down to a combined amount of around 328,000 votes, or another way calculated, down to only 0.27% of those who voted. Let me repeat that! President Obama is our President for the next 4 years because out of 121 MILLION Votes cast, it only came down to about 328,000 votes, or 0.27%, of all those who voted this election. Yes, America’s decision on who would be our next President was determined by only 0.27% out of the 121 million who voted. If that amount of people pulled the lever for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on November 6, 2012, instead of for President Obama and VP Joe Biden, we would have a different President. I, Adam Obest, then ask each American this question: How truly important is each individual vote in America? And why haven’t you heard this evaluation from the political pundits or supposed experts in our country? I hope you enjoyed this little fact finding adventure.

Thank you, and REMEMBER:
Always vote, because every vote really does count.


Adam Obest, future candidate in Harford County
Contact #: 443-613-7163
Email: adamobestworks@gmail.com

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