Amtrak Issues Snarl Commuters, New York Yankees

Amtrak service interruptions near Aberdeen caused travel issues Tuesday morning—including a change in plans for the Yankees as they traveled home after playing the Orioles.

After sitting through more than 200 minutes in rain delays in Baltimore this week, the Yankees are used to waiting.

But the American League East pennant winners didn't see the most recent delay coming.

Manager Joe Girardi and his club was forced to change their travel plans early Tuesday after a major delay to train travel in the Northeast Corridor.

The Amtrak rails that run through Aberdeen were shut down for hours Tuesday, beginning right around the time in which the Yankees train rolled into Hall of Famer Cal Ripken's hometown.

Service was restored by 4 p.m. and was fully functioning by 5 p.m., according to the Amtrak Northeast Corridor Twitter account.

Delays began early Tuesday morning after "power system problems," according to Amtrak tweets.

The Yankees were aboard one train that was stopped due to the issues. The team de-boarded in Aberdeen, where it caught buses for the remainder of its trip home.

Girardi told Yankees beat reporters "about 2:30, 2:35, you noticed that we started having some electrical issues again, and you noticed that the train was slowing down. It just seemed like we were coasting, and we kind of coasted into Aberdeen, I guess."

From there, the team got on buses around 3:30 a.m., and arrived in New York around 6 a.m.

The Yankees host the Orioles in Game 3 of the American League Division Series Wednesday.

TELL US: Was your commute impacted by the train delays? Leave a comment.


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