APG's Edgewood Campus Partially Closes for Water Main Break

Some activities were canceled Monday and the issue may spill over into Tuesday.

APG gate
APG gate
Some commands were closed and activities canceled Monday due to a water main break on Aberdeen Proving Ground's Edgewood campus.

After the issue was reported at approximately 9 a.m., the Edgewood Area Child Development Center and Edgewood Area Youth Services were closed because they didn't have water, according to a statement from Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG).

While public works personnel attempted to fix the broken water line, residents and tenants were advised that water pressure may be low on APG's south side.

If the water main was not repaired by Tuesday morning, there could be more cancelations in store. APG advised employees to call the APG Snow Line at 410-278-7669, check Twitter or visit Facebook at 4 a.m. Tuesday to find out whether the water line has been repaired.

Employees working north of Wise Road and Ricketts Point Road, in particular, were advised to check whether to report for work on Tuesday.


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