New Upper Chesapeake Leader Focuses on Peace, Empowerment

Meet Upper Chesapeake's new medical staff president: Angela Poppe Ries.

Angela Poppe Ries, M.D. (Credit: Upper Chesapeake)
Angela Poppe Ries, M.D. (Credit: Upper Chesapeake)
A leader at Upper Chesapeake Medical Center known for her thoughtfulness has been elected president of the medical staff for the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health system.

Angela Poppe Ries, M.D., has been the director for palliative care services at the Bel Air medical center since 2011, according to a statement from Upper Chesapeake.

“Dr. Poppe Ries is a thoughtful, well-regarded member of the medical staff who was elected to this leadership position by her peers,” according to Lyle E. Sheldon, president and CEO of the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health.

“She is a great example of a young physician who was identified early on in her career," Sheldon said, "based on her great reputation and interest in a medical staff leadership role at our hospitals."

Poppe Ries received her M.D. from Duke University in 2004 and completed her residency at the university in 2007, according to Upper Chesapeake.

Ever since, Poppe Ries has been on staff at Upper Chesapeake, focusing on symptom management and patient relations. She was named director of palliative care in 2011.

"...I interact with patients and their families who are in crisis or are in need at many different levels," Poppe Ries said. "...what I can offer ... is truly finding some sense of peace and goodness in a world that has seemed to become very chaotic for them .... My goal is not to tell them what to do with their health, but to give them the power back..."

In addition to president of medical staff, Poppe Ries was appointed to Upper Chesapeake's board of directors.

Poppe Ries resides in Havre De Grace.


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