Harford County Hotel Tax A Step Closer To Reality

A hotel tax would benefit Harford County and its municipalities—particularly for tourism.

Harford County is one step closer to a hotel tax.

A proposal that would give Harford County what all other counties in the state have—a percentage of all hotel room bookings in the county—will go before the House on Monday, according to county officials.

According to the state's legislative branch, the bill is sponsored by Delegates Mary-Dulany James and Glen Glass, and is due to be given a favorable review by the House Ways & Means Committee on Monday.

"We're further along than we've ever been in the past five or six years," Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennett told Patch Saturday night. "It's out of committee, which is really great. We should make out a lot better. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed."

Aberdeen would stand to benefit a good deal, considering the city has hotels in its limits. The majority of hotels in the county are located between Riverside and Aberdeen, in close proximity to Aberdeen Proving Ground and Ripken Stadium.

A rough estimate indicates the county should receive at least $3 million annually if the bill passes, Bennett said.

The original bill—which has been amended—would tax hotel guests six percent on rooms reserved in Haford County, similar to taxes paid at hotels across the country.

If the House OKs the bill, it would then go before the Senate.

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Well Known March 24, 2013 at 06:55 PM
Let's just tax every activity, every sale, every event, every thing. Or maybe we can just stop giving our tax dollars away to every 2 bit country.
Larry Harris March 24, 2013 at 08:19 PM
Having just paid HIGH room taxes in New York City, glad to see Harford County having some money coming IN
Amazed March 25, 2013 at 07:42 PM
A hotel tax doesn’t benefit me or the company I work for. In fact, it would adversely impact visitors to our company who would be shaken down to provide government mandated, discriminatory advertising funding to benefit a subset of the population. Other than the increased traffic and the edge of the seat thrill of being behind someone who doesn’t know which intersections they have to stop at, increased tourism has little to interest many of us. Why must the government intrude and become the fund raiser for the tourism businesses that are apparently incapable of doing their own fund raising and advertising? Oh, because all the other counties do it, that makes it right. Our business could use some advertising dollars too… I’ll have to check with the county… I’m sure they’ll provide something out of fairness.


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