Havre de Grace Family Saved By Carbon Monoxide Detector

A mother and three children were alerted to elevated carbon monoxide levels by a detector Wednesday.

A Havre de Grace mother and three children were unharmed after they were alerted to elevated carbon monoxide levels in their home early Wednesday morning, according to the fire chief.

Susquehanna Hose Company Chief Scott Hurst said that a carbon monoxide detector located in the rental property on the 1000 block of Chesapeake Drive went off and crews were dispatched around 8 a.m. Wednesday.

"They had a detector, which was great," Hurst said. "None of of them had to go to the hospital because the detector alerted them."

Havre de Grace mandated carbon monoxide detectors in most city residences—including rental properties—in early 2011.

"That's why we did this," Hurst said of the ordinance, which he co-wrote with city officials.

Hurst said carbon monoxide levels at the Chesapeake Drive location were detected at 50 parts per million Wednesday morning, and that detectors typically go off when levels reach 30 to 35 ppm.

A faulty stove was to blame, Hurst said, and a maintenance crew was called to repair the stove.

Hurst said the Susquehanna Hose Company has detectors available for residents in need. Anyone seeking a carbon monoxide detector may visit susquehanna5.com or contact Shyla Glassman at Havre de Grace City Hall.

Hollee Sifford December 05, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Thank goodnes!!!!!!!!!!The detectors shold be right up on the list with diapers,baby food,groceries...I have one and I am sooooo glad I do.....Thank you Scott and SHCO for pushing the community on the importance of this life saving device:)


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