UPDATED: No Health Risk After Pipe Broken on Aberdeen Proving Ground

One employee was evaluated Wednesday, but no hazardous materials were found after a pipe broke during a routine demolition activity Tuesday night.

UPDATED (9:25 p.m.)— personnel and Harford County residents are not in danger after a report of an unusual odor from a broken pipe on the post Tuesday evening.

APG emergency services personnel responded to a report of an unusual odor Tuesday night. Crews responded again Wednesday afternoon, and determined by 6:10 p.m. that no hazardous materials were present, Acting Garrison Public Affairs Officer Adriane Foss told Patch. 

Pipes were broken during a routine demolition activity Tuesday in the Edgewood area of APG, and an unusual odor was reported at the time, Foss said. The site was evaluated and cleared, Foss said.

"There have been no health impacts for personnel on or off the installation," Foss said.

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The same employee that reported the odor Tuesday was evaluated Wednesday morning at Kirk Health Clinic on APG, and found to have no signs of exposure to any hazardous materials, Foss said.

"The safety of our personnel is our No. 1 priority. Right now APG emergency services personnel are working hard to ensure no hazards are present and the area is clear," Foss said.

Foss added that residents of  and other areas neighboring post were not in any danger of Wednesday afternoon.

"There is no indication that there are any agents or any hazards of any kind," she said.

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