'Every Student Counts': Anti-Bullying Demonstration at Aberdeen High School

Students and parents stood on Paradise Road asking for support against bullies.

"Support anti-bullying," "Every student counts" and "Please support the victims—don't retaliate!" were the messages of this group on Paradise Road across from Aberdeen High School. (Credit: Elizabeth Janney)
"Support anti-bullying," "Every student counts" and "Please support the victims—don't retaliate!" were the messages of this group on Paradise Road across from Aberdeen High School. (Credit: Elizabeth Janney)
As Aberdeen High School celebrated its designation as "School of the Year" on Friday, demonstrators held a peaceful protest outside spotlighting anti-bullying efforts.

Aberdeen hosted two forums about bullying in December, according to The Aegis, which reported parents were upset about the climate at Aberdeen High School.

After an Aberdeen High School senior with special needs was reportedly harassed by other students and punched in the face, his family told ABC 2 News that they had filed eight bullying reports, written to the governor and filed a civil lawsuit.

The student reportedly said: "...what is it going to take? Do I have to get stabbed before the school will do anything?" according to ABC 2 News.

Parents at Friday's protest on Paradise Road said there was a retaliatory environment at the school.

"It's gotten very serious. It's led to this," Kathy Dominick said, holding a sign that stated: "HCPS, be proactive. Prevent a critical incident."

A critical incident is a stabbing, shooting or other tragedy that may result from bullying, according to a parent who did not wish to be identified.

Dominick said she attended Aberdeen High School in the '70s. "I have grandchildren that are going to be entering schools, and I want to know that my grandchildren are safe in the future," Dominick said. "I certainly don't feel that way right now."

Last month, Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennett told parents that it was "going to take enough adults getting the hair on the backs of their necks up and saying, 'That's enough,'" The Aegis reported.

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